Friday, December 2, 2011

Pushing Carts Like It's Our Job

Dear Arrowists,

It is with incredible pride and joy -- Yes, incredible! We almost cannot believe ourselves that the amount of glowing, pulsing, gold-dipped pride and joy we feel is credible! -- that we descend from the mount of editorial labors for Issue No. 5 -- out 1/1/12! -- to announce our nominations for the Pushcart.

They are as follows, in no particular order (not even alphabetical):

Thank you to these and all of our contributors, this year and in all years. Super Arrow continues to be the thing we hoped it would be: a place for exciting, rigorous artmarkers to show their stuff, to be digitally linked, to extend creative welcomes.

On Birthdays & on Holidays, We Think of All of You So Happily & Sigh...
Super Arrow