Tuesday, July 24, 2012

An Arrow Meets Its Mark

Dearest & Sweetest Archers:

Please note that as the condition of Super Arrow is in a current state of flux, we will not be accepting submissions and will be shelving the journal publications for the foreseeable future. The last five issues will still be available online at superarrow.org.

We're in talks to twist the project into something else -- something more personally and economically sustainable -- since the size of our staff (2) precludes much we'd like to do and be as a publication.  

We thank you for your interest in our publication and hope that you'll accompany us into the future, as the Super Arrow project evolves into something new. The presence of the work that we've been so lucky to publish, and that of the writers and artists we've worked with along the way, has been a series of overwhelming pleasures. 

Best wishes for an extravagantly productive and productively extravagant summer's end, with hearts beating fast and ice melting slowly,

Super Arrow