Monday, April 16, 2012

Survey Says: Phase 2 of Folio 6

Dear Interrogatives of the Order Aesthetic:

The survey is officially released unto the pressing hordes. We got so excited, we made this whole paragraph its link. It is a sleek mix of serious and fun, and numbers 19 questions, if you include the name/email/address business. Some are multiple choice (no scantrons, sorry); some are yes/no; some are of the unbridled essay variety. You have one month to fill out the survey as best you can, then we’ll beep-bop-boop the results into an easy-on-the-eyes inforgraphic for Issue No. 6’s Folio. We were really impressed and happy with the participation we got during the first phase, and we want to thank the following people for helping to craft the survey you see today:

William J., Iain Mulder, Mary Rothlisberger, Shawn Sebastian, Kit Kennedy, Jordan Hicks, JoAnna Novak, Jeremy Allan Hawkins, Philip Matthews, Sean Thibodeau, Benjamin Nardolilli, Jay, Joe Milazzo, Adam Peterson, Tamiko Beyer, Sage, Emily, Alec Hershman, Kim Rogers, me2, Sharky, [Anonymous]

And speaking of Issue No. 6, after many tete-a-tetes, we’ve decided to shift the summer issue publication date to July 1, rather than June 1. This means that an issue will emerge every 6 months, (rather than the current 5 and 7), and everything will be even-steven, symmetrical, a balanced seesaw, etcetera. This will give us more time to present a quality periodical. And we’ll keep accepting submissions on a rolling basis, so head to our online submissions manager at your earliest convenience.

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Asked & Answered 4VR, Yours,
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