Wednesday, November 25, 2009

At Last: Photographic Evidence

SA ContribuSTARS Jaffa Aharonov & Joe Collins

Peep really truly beautiful pictures of the launch party here, all taken by SA pal Ann K. Hubbard.

Holiday, Happy, Etc., Etc., Safety, Safety, Reveal, Reveal, Shh, Pie, Hug,

Super Arrow

Monday, November 16, 2009

Past/Future Manifest

The Swan reading @ Stirrup was indeed an explosion. Jay Thompson killed it, and to say any more might desecrate the residual shine. Nathan Bartel read an eight-page poem full of light and nose-stealing that flattened us. We're not sure we'll ever achieve anything more than two dimensions ever again. Kate Greenstreet fingertipped her two-way glass poems all over our ribcage. At the time it felt like tickling, but later we bruised. In a good way.

It was raining. Thanks to everyone who shared everything, the hours well-made, well-spent...

Also: The New Pages blog gave us a look-who's-here mention.

We'll be opening submissions again next month.

'Til Next Time, We'll Be Skipping By The Train Tracks Singing Songs About You & Your Beauty.

Super Arrow

Monday, November 9, 2009

Magic Post From The Post-Magic...Vol. 2

Another Transmission from Happening Past...

STATION ONE: Whisper Us a Story/Remember Telephone?

Below, please find reveler stories, told to others, recorded by thirds -- all persons sitting on small orange stools in a large room with a bright blue floor.

Yes, we did mean magic.

Lia got a text message, saying “Lia, you should go home.” (and he didn’t remember anything else.)

When Anna was young

she went to the zoo

she was in a stroller

the stroller was pushed

where the sharks were

her father had to get her

out without being eaten

by the sharks.

So Amelia’s her oil changed – it’s a story from Amelia, but not about her…He says, he is in the grocery store the other day – checking out…and little things. The guy behind the guy behind him starts massaging the guy behind him’s shoulders. He says, ‘It’s OK. I’m a masseuse.’ He is very sensual. The guy behind turns around and says: ‘Well, I’m a lawyer and you don’t see me fucking the guy in front of me.”

Alec’s drag


the Praying



the real life

boy of him.



Super Arrow

Friday, November 6, 2009

Head Up, Shoulders Back. Pay Attention Please.

On Sunday, November 15th, Exploding Swan, the heavyweight boxer of a reading series who can dance elegantly on twinkle toes, is kicking off Year 3 (!) at Stirrup Pants (site of chapbooks; site of awesomeness). Reading will be Kate Greenstreet (and her short films), Nathan Bartel, and SA contributor/polysyllabic superstar/mover-shaker Jay Thompson. Starts at 7:30. 2122 Cherokee SSTTLL.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Magic Post From The Post-Magic...

So on Friday night this Happening happened and it was utterly happening. A squadron of St. Louisians (in costume, in fabulousness) descended on Stirrup Pants Chapbook Shop (and venue!) to hear the readings, (which made us cry in ecstasy), and the music, (which made us silent in heightened reverie), and to dance, (the floor bowed with our enthusiasm), and to play various games, (more on that later). We all drank Quiver cocktails, worked our way through chewy candy, and played six years old and challenged each other to Pixie Stix consumption. There were luggage tag broadsides and glow bracelets galore. We met new folks, and hugged them. We greeted old friends, and hugged them.

It was a success, and Super Arrow thanks everyone who helped to make it that way.

Four Game Stations were organized around the venue, cutting small talk to the quick and charging our gray matter with some playful challenges.

At Station One – WHISPER US A STORY/REMEMBER TELEPHONE – we asked participants to sit on some stools and whisper to each other. The results of this will be published in an upcoming post.

At Station Two – FREEZE & TAG – one person posed another person, who stayed that way. Then someone else tagged the frozen; the frozen became unfrozen, and posed the newly frozen tagger…and so on, and so on…Amusing photos will be posted in the future.

At Station Three – GROUPTHINK – we all made a thought map on several sheets of poster board, of associations having to do with the word “FIRST.” The results are epic – so epic, in fact, that it has inspired us for the Assignment for Issue No. 2. Just you wait, electronic art-brethren. It will knock your socks off.

And finally, finally, finally, at Station Four, we had GALLOWS POETRY, a loosey-goosey Mad Libs look-a-like where we filled in the blanks to make some odd goodness. Also, we adorned a gallows with a hanged man-mascot for the evening. Peep the collective poetry below:


















(Written 10/30/09, by the Super Crowd at Super Arrow's Debut Launch Party)

How’s them apples? Check back for photos, which we’ll post as they’re sent our way. And if you, you lucky duck, attended our little soiree, and happened to take some pics, please share them with us!

We Are Not Going To Wear Another Jumpsuit For At Least A Decade,

Super Arrow

P.S. As of this morning, we have broken one hundred hits, since posting Issue No. 1. Boy oh boy! We’re just pleased as punch. Thank you!