Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Oh so many riches! Thanks so much for the great submissions we've been getting, folks. Remember to tell your awesome art-/word-making friends. We haven't set a deadline for submissions yet, but know that Issue No. 3 will be out before the New Year. So: you have a little time to gather up your glitter, but not a ton, so do it when you can!

Also: Issue One contributor Joseph Goosey has a new chapbook called Mostly Spinach from Virgogray Press. Make sure to check it out; we definitely will.

Another Issue One contributor, and participant in Two's Conversation, Kyle Winkler, has a really gorgeously haunting piece at Web Conjunctions. Disassemble your great summer proclivity toward sunshine and let Winkler's beautiful, fleshy winter into your heart.

There are lots of other contribu-successes, too. Readers, get to Google, and writers, remember to let us know!

Fondly From This Patio-Hovel of Umbrella-Shade,

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