Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Wide Yard with Many Blossoms

It is May, dear ones. It is that great time of year -- the time of tulips and mothers, of rollerskates, elastic days, and the delicate tucking, folding, and stowing of your favorite National Poetry Month sweater vest.

And if you're anything like us, May is the time when you look to your bottle of Roundup in its squirty little eye and say, "No! I will not foul my garden with your foul, foul chemicals!" and then dash a little something more into your lemonade and sip, and sip, and read, and maybe have a nap.

It is in honor of this yearly tradition that we debut our newest blog utility: a post where we do all the roundup for you, so you can laze and learn with minimal effort as the days lengthen pleasantly.
  • First off, J.A. Tyler's Super Arrow 3 story "All These Violent Children" was chosen as a Million Writers Notable Story. You can see all of the notable stories here.
  • Jeremy Allan Hawkins, from Issue 3's FOLIO on collaboration, showed up in PANK the other day. You can read four of his poems then go check out his neat-o website.
  • Roxane Gay will be taking part in the Quickies bi-monthly reading series in Chicago next week. Make sure to tell thefacebook.com that you'll be in attendance by RSVPing here. You can also read a short retrospective on the the Pine-Sol Lady that she wrote for Thought Catalog. Roxane was originally part of Issue 1.
  • Jay Thompson won the triple crown (we think--we're not so sure what that is) by debuting two poems in Jellyfish, one in the new H_NGM_N, and three in Propeller. And remember, there are always wonders and wiseries to be found at his blog.
  • Brian Oliu, another Issue 3 collaborator of great fame and fortune, has a book available for the advance buying and the soon-reading. It bears its title "So You Know It's Me" admirably well, and you can obtain it in its many forms directly from Tiny Hardcore Press.
  • Tamiko Beyer, also from the Issue 3 FOLIO ranks, just won Lantern Review's National Poetry Month Prompt contest. To harry the prompt yourself, mozy on over to the Lantern Review Blog.
We hope that holds you over for a while. Keeping track of our contributors feels at times like watching dozens of talented bears ride motorcycles along a series of high wires stretching the width of a continent. How can we keep our eyes on all of those charming and determined brows at once? We will miss something, we will. Which is to say to these fine contributors: continue to keep us posted, for the sake of our happy yet jangled gaze!

And speaking of instant dissemination--to get all kinds of updates like this, plus submission/assignment info, and brief notes about snacks, follow fast our winged tweets. We alight most often at twitter.com/super_arrow.

Meanwhile, in the Arrow tunnels beneath the garden, we watch the submissions pile contract into a small sheaf. Issue No. 4 will be up in June: proper beach reading for the brainy arty set, natch. Excuse us as we prepare our mole eyes for sunlight.

Art from above, below, and sideways,
Super Arrow