Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Map Scaling & Other Summer Stories

Dearest Archers,

We've been busy and flushed, surging from our deep midwestern home to our new northern midwestern homes, as if the impinging heat drives us that way. At this rate we'll be in Canada by nightfall.

A few important notes, with little links attached:

1) Issue No. 4 went live last week. It is spectacular and includes: Chris Malcomb, Jay Milazzo, Kellie Wells, Adam Peterson, Alec Hershman, Steven Karl, Angela Veronica Wong, Kerri Webster, Joseph P. Wood, Brandon Anschultz, Kate Brandt, Megafortress, and a whole passel of Issue No. 3 contributors making an anonymous, persona-laden, happy, happy mess of things.

2) Submissions are open! Easy-peasy online manager here, at Submishmash. (Ed. Note: someone on Twitter -- Maybe Issue No. 3's Elisa Gabbert? We're not sure... -- wrote "submishSMASH" and now we can't stop inserting that "s.")

3) The Assignment for Issue No. 5's FOLIO -- "From Here to There" -- has to do with MAPS. Read more here.

4) We have, all this time, been tumblring. It is a quiet editorial collage of things. Follow us if you would like. We would like that.

Now we're off to chisel small pictograms into the sides of the oldest buildings in our new towns. Making a mark, right off. Metaphorically, of course. And not so anyone would notice much.

Sweetly & Newly,
Super Arrow