Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Survey Will Say

Dear Brave Wonders,

Recently, for many reasons -- some of which will be explained in the No. 6 editorial letter -- we have been thinking about how the idea of a question-and-answer can be converted into a consciously creative process. We ask and answer questions all day, yet out of context the process can seem weird, demanding even. So how can we take this weirdness and make some art out of it?

The assignment for Folio No. 6 will go a bit differently, and this is the process by which this strange new art-weapon will be forged:

ONE Arrow constituents will be invited to submit questions. See the submission form, below.

TWO Some of these questions, along with those from our editorial team and past contributors, will go into a survey, available for public completion. The survey will be a combination of multiple choice and essay, exploring the nature of interrogation and query in the realm of the creative process. We expect, too, some silliness, and some room to move around, interpretatively speaking. 

THREE The results of the survey answers will be curated and expressed graphically, an entablature of survey-as-collaborative-art, presented as the FOLIO for our summer issue.

You can submit a question here, or head to the site to do so


Submit, below, any question you'd like: anything you'd like to know about a fellow artist, writer or private citizen. It need not be about the creative process; this is a venture to use the survey AS a creative process. Submit as many questions as you like, but only one at a time, please. They may be essay, multiple choice, or yes/no; please let us know in the question box which is which. 

After pressing "Go." you will be asked to fill out a security prompt.

Questions marked by * are required.
1. Name or Pseudonym, if you so desire.
2. Email: *
3. The Question in Question: *
4. What kind of creature is your question?
  • Essay
  • Multiple Choice
  • Yes/No
5. If multiple choice, include possible answers, separated by semicolons.
6. Mailing Address, if you'd like to enter in a super special prize drawing.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Can an Online Periodical Have Seasonal Affective Disorder? Or, Are We Just Secretly Bears?

Dear Archers in Short Pants and Hats to Shield What the Clouds Once Hid:

We hibernate in winter, we blossom in spring. There’s no getting around it. Here at Arrow HQ, the cold season fell upon us as a frigid axe. We shuddered and huddled and pushed back sorrowful complications. Then we went to AWP. Now, hello! It’s warm enough to bring back memories of past summer wonders, our pits damp for the excitement of all the future may bring.

We apologize, with every sweetness in our fibrous pixels, for our long absence. We again mount the submissions pile. You’ll hear from us soon, brave submitters. Thank you for your generosity and patience!

And soon, we will be unveiling the exact proportions and tones of Issue No. 6’s Folio, which will be a horse of a different color, something new to try while your toenail polish dries and while the ice in your drink melts elegantly. We won’t say much yet, except, the catchphrase of Family Feud just may turn out to be our prime creative directive…Does that give away too much?

We’ll need your help with that, and we’ll need you to continue to send submissions, to continue telling your friends, if you would be so wonderfully kind. We continue to want to run through the fields of your experiment and craft, prose and poetry whose facets are sheer or foamy, edges sharp or giving...and certainly, and always, to confront and grovel before the visual and sonic business, be it paintings or installation or video or sound or ?. As always, trundle over to the Super Arrow archive if you want to know what sorts of things have made us blush in issues past. 

And now, with full throats let us welcome the spring! More forthcoming, and soon!

With the Hope & Love of a Thousand Suns Exploding,
Super Arrow