Monday, July 11, 2011

If Links Were Lungs, Our Love at Ultraviolet Speeds

Writers, Surveyors, Flautists, Friends,

Hello again. We may have already mentioned to you our plans to somersault northward for a season, for two, or for good. We may have already mentioned to you our current obsession with maps. Indeed, in our spare time we have been tumbling all over them like some serious, abstract, and intellectual game of Twister.

But when we steady, we find ourselves at the other side of an issue and again in a bright season. We're home--a map's most perfect use.

And there beneath the nodding trees in the yard we have been laureled with many generous gifts of submissions. Please don't forget to add your own leaves, at Submishmash.

It has been a good summer for our friends. Below you will find many links to the publications, projects, and goings on of some of our contributors from the last month or two. As Einstein certainly never said, "Enjoy the featured genius."
  • Kyle Winkler’s “Teratology” earned a very special, hidden, third thumb's up from the Million Writers Award judges for being canaveralous but totally ineligible. You can find "Tetralogy" in Conjunctions. Kyle also showed up in The Collagist. Also, be sure to keep up with Kyle's latest project, "Florida Loves Little Girls," a serial novel for the digital age.
  • Kerri Webster announced that her 2nd full-length collection, Grand & Arsenal, will be published by University of Iowa Press in 2012. You can read Kerri's Super Arrow 4 contributions here or check her out in the Boston Review.
  • Tamiko Beyer wrote and fundraised her ass off to benefit the New York Writers Coalition. She simultaneously appeared in Sweet 3.3.
  • Kellie Wells took 3rd in the Puerto del Sol 2011 fiction contest. A chapter of Kellie's newest novel is available here.
  • Roxane Gay lent her talents as an essayist to the debut issue of Flywheel. Likewise Freerange Nonfiction. Also, Roxane's short story "The Myth of Fingerprints" was published by Used Furniture Review.
  • Brian Oliu's So You Know It's Me (video trailer--seriously, watch it: debuted from Tiny Hardcore Press to uniform praise, acclaim, and jubilation. He also toured the country, remixed Aubrey Hirsch's Third Coast short "A Florist's Encyclopedia" for Zine Scene, and helped devastated Tuscaloosans overcome a tornado strike via the ebook Tuscaloosa Runs This. Then, we think, he slept.
  • The Wigleaf Top Fifty winked at Colin Basset's story "What Will Happen" from Super Arrow 2.
  • The Summer issue of jmww featured two Super Arrow alums, Adam W. Peterson and Gabriel Blackwell.
  • Issue #4 of Arch contained two poems from J.A. Gaye. His work also showed up in the freshest iteration of DIAGRAM.
  • Ditto on the DIAGRAM for Joseph P. Wood.
  • Super Arrow 3 collaborators Seth McKelvey & Chelsea Rice announced a new online journal, S/WORD. Submissions season: open.
  • A new poem from Jeremy Allan Hawkins is available in issue #48 of Hayden's Ferry Review. You can also read an interview with Jeremy on PANK's blog and check out the digital album he released.
That's all for now. If there's ever any news you think we'd like to hear, be sure to shoot us an email, tweet, or Facebook message.

Your Berry-Stainedest,
Super Arrow