Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Last Page of the First of Three Chapters

We're now one month into our three-month long submissions cycle, and receiving really glamorously good work in psychic textures both berber and slate.

When choosing something to submit to us, think about process and product...Can we see the seams? Are they beautiful or homely? Nubby and true?

And hey, think about working on Assignment #2: CROWDMAP. We think you might make something really cool.

As always, tell your visual artist friends, and your writer friends and your friend friends, to check us out and to submit if they have the notion for such a motion.

We'd stop spinning like little kids if anyone ever reminded us how nauseous we got afterward, except we're just so excited to check our in-box that such rotations seem the only physical analog to the way our hearts do swell...
Super Arrow