Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hotted Night

Dear Darling Everyone,

Our ears are going to miss last night for quite some time. Not to be hyperbolic or anything. What happened last night, you ask? Oh, just a slam-your-hands-together-hard-as-you-can reading ("One Hot Night" - Burning Chair Series) by Cannibal writers at Stirrup Pants Chapbooks. We met lots of sweet, open, talented, driven people and it made us want to push our little S.A. that much harder. We want to meet more of you. Submit to us, or even just let us know you're out there behind your machine, carbon-based and maybe a little sweaty every time you make the transition from outdoors to in (just like us). It's all about cool people doing cool things everywhere. Share and share.

If you haven't already, check out Slash Pine and Double Cross Press, for a seize-and-sparkle start.

Don't forget to layer.

From one words-made sigh to another,

Super Arrow