Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Third & Last Chapter of The Second Installment of the Moment You Bestow Upon Us Your Genius

Spread the word: Super Arrow wants you(r genre-bent characters, your portmanteaux, your process-oriented products, your graphite splashes in the deep end of the pool of theory, your Literature of Exhaustion, your head-stand lyricism, your clean lines, your bowed syllables, your sestinas that fizzle like Pop Rocks, your pantoums that have dance routines of their own, your sentences bound like a twig broom and sitting in the corner of a witch's cottage in suburban somewhere California...)!

Consider this a formal exhortation to gather the tattered hems of your art skirts and jump out into the great ocean of S.A. Submissionsland.

By which we mean to say: send us your work. The packets of specialized pixels we've received so far have spun us dizzy. Keep at it, citizens!


Submissions cycle closes March 31!

Yours until the Earth Breathes a Deep, Yogic Breath &
Sends Us All Into A Fatal Cyclorama of Black Holes,

Super Arrow