Monday, October 4, 2010


...get it? Like, the point of an arrow?

Dear Archers,

POINT: This fall has been a breathless tumble of travel and words. We took part in the Slash Pine Writer's Hike and, in teaching, tripped right over the beginning of the semester and into the thick of things. As a result of a schedule that looks more like stream of consciousness by a celebrity alien than an organized system of dates, times and activities, things have slowed a bit down here at the target. Now we're back, at attention, and ready to fire Issue 3 at the world just shy of NYE.

SO, COUNTERPOINT: Please consider submitting before our Issue 3 deadline of Halloween 2010. Big things are in store. And don't forget the collaborations assignment, which can be found HERE. We want your fine, fine work. There is so much admirable labor-art in the world. Send it to us.

And to jog y'all's memories, submission guidelines are here.

PS: We will be attending the NonfictionNOW conference in Iowa City in November. That reminds us, nonfiction writers, please send us your words. We are particularly interested in experimental forms, lyric essays, new modes of documentary writing....If you're at the conference, please say hello!