Monday, June 21, 2010


Assignment No. 3: Together, Now!

Collaborate. Just, do it. With one other person, or many. Discover a construct. Will you deploy technology? The USPS? Tin cans and some string? Will one of you be blindfolded? Will the other be mute? Write in the same genre, or straddling the great muddy waters of the genre/discipline river.

Produce ONE piece together. It should be unified, intentional, and a greater sum than its parts. It could be words, or art or words n’ art. It could be a video, or a soundscape, or an animated gif (if you do it right). Check out our general submissions guidelines for file particularities, etc.

In your submission e-mail, include a note about your process, and brief bios for all participants.

You have plenty of time to do this, months even.

Together, now!

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