Friday, June 11, 2010

Issue No. Two

Issue Two is freshly launched into the troposphere of the blue sky internet. To track its flight, simply direct your browser to

Check out fiction by Colin Bassett, Barron Byrnes, Chris Dennis, and Scott Ogilvie, poetry by Micah Bateman, Amy David, Phil Estes, Eileen G’Sell, MC Hyland, Becca Klaver, and Colby Somerville, and art by Angela Zammarelli and Francis Raven.

Also, don’t miss a conversation with Issue One contributors Jaffa Aharonov, Joe Collins, Roxane Gay, Maggie Ginestra, Ben Spivey and Kyle Winkler about creative community in the internet age.

Please tell us what you think, or submit work for Issue Three, at

Forward the link freely (and with gusto) to interested parties, post it on your blog, or whisper it into your favorite holler.

Fondly & with the Sweet Force of Rest after Many Days of Labor,

Super Arrow