Friday, April 23, 2010

Our Plastron Has Several New Features

Dear Pixels,

First of all, Issue No. 2 is shaping up nicely. It'll be out at the end of May. Check back soon for Assignment 2 revamp.


Second of all, peep this:

We like what Dzanc* does, and want to support it. For those of you who don't know, Dzanc is a non-profit publisher who also creates and supports various writer-and-writing-and-small-press/pub bear-hugging initiatives and programs. They're also really nice.

Their Best of the Web 2010 is now available for purchase, and looks like the ripest berry in the bramble.

Click on the banner above for more information.


Third, the last of all, we're thinking through a print project. Top secret! More this summer, when we're older and wiser.

In the rain everything shines...and other would-be pop ballad lyrics, fondly,

Super Arrow