Wednesday, April 7, 2010

About that CROWDMAP...

We are unsurprised, in our heart of hearts, that Assignment 2: CROWDMAP yielded so few responses as not to be viable in the current prompt form. So: We're taking a step back, we're re-imagining, re-conceptualizing, re-scrambling our tiny thoughts. Stay tuned for a phoenix-new incarnation of dear old CROWDMAP. We'll be wanting your participation, of course.

Thanks, too, to the few who did submit. We appreciate your game entities in the face of general bewilderment.

Fitting in Some Dank Cranny of Your Crowd-Sourced Atrium,

Super Arrow

P.S. Have fun at AWP, if you're elevating in Denver (5,280 ft. above sea level) this fine week. Wave hello to the sky for us! We'll be in St. Louis (466 ft. above sea level), in that cranny, dreaming of panels and paneling, like usual.