Monday, November 16, 2009

Past/Future Manifest

The Swan reading @ Stirrup was indeed an explosion. Jay Thompson killed it, and to say any more might desecrate the residual shine. Nathan Bartel read an eight-page poem full of light and nose-stealing that flattened us. We're not sure we'll ever achieve anything more than two dimensions ever again. Kate Greenstreet fingertipped her two-way glass poems all over our ribcage. At the time it felt like tickling, but later we bruised. In a good way.

It was raining. Thanks to everyone who shared everything, the hours well-made, well-spent...

Also: The New Pages blog gave us a look-who's-here mention.

We'll be opening submissions again next month.

'Til Next Time, We'll Be Skipping By The Train Tracks Singing Songs About You & Your Beauty.

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