Monday, November 9, 2009

Magic Post From The Post-Magic...Vol. 2

Another Transmission from Happening Past...

STATION ONE: Whisper Us a Story/Remember Telephone?

Below, please find reveler stories, told to others, recorded by thirds -- all persons sitting on small orange stools in a large room with a bright blue floor.

Yes, we did mean magic.

Lia got a text message, saying “Lia, you should go home.” (and he didn’t remember anything else.)

When Anna was young

she went to the zoo

she was in a stroller

the stroller was pushed

where the sharks were

her father had to get her

out without being eaten

by the sharks.

So Amelia’s her oil changed – it’s a story from Amelia, but not about her…He says, he is in the grocery store the other day – checking out…and little things. The guy behind the guy behind him starts massaging the guy behind him’s shoulders. He says, ‘It’s OK. I’m a masseuse.’ He is very sensual. The guy behind turns around and says: ‘Well, I’m a lawyer and you don’t see me fucking the guy in front of me.”

Alec’s drag


the Praying



the real life

boy of him.



Super Arrow