Thursday, October 8, 2009

Our Arrows Cut Through the Rain with Ease; gale will shove us from our destined course.

The submissions cycle for the debut issue has eaten its tail, which is to say, if you have not received a response one way or the other, please let us know immediately. Our spreadsheet is carefully tended, but human hands make errors nonetheless...

Remember to put a star in your planner for October 30th, when art will collide with fun to birth a litter of artfun chimeras which will then be set loose upon the greater St. Louis area. There will be readings by contributors, a "THIS IS NOT MY SPECIALITY" just-for-us set by local noisetonewunders birdleg, a dance party facilitated by DJ Double A, activity tables, edible consumables, drinks you've never heard of, and an opportunity to get your hands on some primo Super Arrow objets d'art. All of this at Stirrup Pants, Your Saturday Chapbook Shop!

Until then, we will be pushing pixels around and giggling with joy.

Yours, Theirs & Ours,

Super Arrow