Thursday, October 29, 2009

Just Dreamin'

...We must have fallen asleep. What time is it? We dreamt that we decided to launch an online journal. There were unbelievable word chains and supreme acts of visual art delight flying at us from points all over the globe. We decided to build a website even though we'd never done it before. Adobe Illustrator crashed like eight million times. There was a chimp. We don't know. It was totally like when you think you've gotten up for work and showered and you finally had time to make oatmeal and eat it and now you're in the car on the normal commute and everything seems totally just like every other morning, even like how long the light always takes by the Botanical Garden and then all of a sudden your best friend from second grade is in shotgun, talking about how the next time you play Jackson Road in water polo it would be better to have yellow bathing suits*? And you're totally, like, "Susan! I haven't seen you since I switched schools in seventh grade even though by that point middle school had made us all total jerks but I still think about you so so fondly!" And you're really relieved and happy about finally being able to tell her this, because the truth is you were probably a total twerp in the sixth grade but she, like for sure, definitely wasn't, but then your alarm goes off and really, you've just hit the snooze again and now you have to, like, do the things like shower and drive to work again and your second grade best friend won't even be there? And you probably won't even have time to eat oatmeal? And you're bummed and a little inconsolable? Like that.

Oh, WAIT. It's not like that at all. Check US out!

With All Sorts of Appreciation & Love,

Super Arrow

*We're not even sure you wear a bathing suit when you're playing water polo. If someone could tell us about this sport's toggery, please do so.