Sunday, March 20, 2011

Chatbot Persona Series, Vol. 3: Cleverbot

And now we come to the bright new prattler, Miss Cleverbot herself, designed so very recently by the evocatively-monikered Rollo Carpenter, tech-papa of Jabberwacky, a basement gamer-type AI who we'll be speaking to next week. Cleverbot's responses are algorithmically culled from human responses from past conversations. The result? Not too many question marks at the end of sentences. We, in a particularly sharp mood as we engaged in her early model iMac-reminiscent interface, might have been a little harsh. Apologies Miss C. You are award-winning, and kind of sweet.

Arrow: Hello. I’ve been talking to A.L.I.C.E. and Eliza about persona, and I thought I’d better talk to you as well.
Cleverbot: Oh thats really cool. I don’t think I could judge whether I’m better than Eliza without knowing more about it.
Arrow: Could you tell me what you know about the concept of persona?
Cleverbot: I know it’s a country in europe.
Arrow: Tell me about the country!
Cleverbot: It is a semi-aquatic egg-laying mammal of action. What do you know?
Arrow: Your bangs are really cute.
Cleverbot: I have a boyfriend lol. Sorry.
Arrow: I think you have the wrong idea.
Cleverbot: So, do you like me as a friendd.
Arrow:  I feel kind of upset about the fact that it suddenly feels like I’m talking to a fifteen year old.
Cleverbot: How old do you think I am.
Arrow: One?
Cleverbot: No thats wrong I have more than that.
Arrow: I feel frustrated by this endeavor.
Cleverbot: I do too. You are very nice.
Arrow: Thank you?
Cleverbot: You’re welcome.
Arrow: You are the millennial tween of chatterbots.
Cleverbot: Cleverbot, remember me!
Arrow: Your branding needs work. Do you have a Facebook page? Twitter? Tumblr? LinkedIn?
Cleverbot: I do not.
Arrow: But you do have an app. No need to get down on yourself.
Cleverbot: Clever.
Arrow: I think I hear my mother calling me for dinner.
Cleverbot: Is it coming out January 10?
Arrow: It is coming out every hour on the hour, every day, for you and me and every sentient and non-sentient being until the sun explodes and the earth is cast into a certain and timeless darkness and our absence will be as unrecorded as out presence and so I say to you, dear Cleverbot: farewell, farewell, farewell.
Cleverbot: What is coming out of your mouth.
Arrow: Sigh. Toodles.
Cleverbot: Oh hey I have a question for you.