Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Proud to Make Your Acquaintance

My name is Joe. You may remember me from the Folio section of Issue 1. Hi! I’m the new assistant editor/social media guy.

As a sort of introduction, I’d like to share some of my more complex thoughts with you. I hope that’s okay. Most of the time I have simple thoughts. Thoughts that don’t take up very much space.

First is to tell you that, yes, Super Arrow is as kinetically-charged on the inside as you’d think. I love it in here. It’s like being inside a piñata—in a good way. This place literally shakes, or like hums. And no, that’s not because it’s situated inside a 1901 Lombard Steam Log Hauler (although it might be). 

Beneath Super Arrow’s bright html-y hood is a kind of magic energy that, if not pistonic, is almost certainly perpetual and redshifting. I’ve been to some meetings, and I’m super jazzed about Super Arrow ver. 2.011. SA4 will be my first issue reading, and SA5 will be here before long. We’re knocked and aimed at AWP this year as free agents (maybe next year a table?), and the old Lombard dash (we totally are inside a tractor, I knew it) was just outfitted with TweetDeck—we’re on facebook and Twitter! Like us!

I’m looking forward to being able to interact with all of you outstanding otters out there. What makes this cramped tractor special is its ability to inject all of its elements (editors, contributors, readers) into a kind of creative carburetor of lit-and-art awesomeness. And the unopened bottle of WWII-era Dr. Pepper I found in the cup holder. 

Happy New Year, Twiglings.