Thursday, December 31, 2009

Return of the Great Wide Open (SUBMIT!)

Dearest Facets of Collective Creative Magnificence...

We're re-opening the submissions cycle! Send us your spines and your caresses, in the form of: writing, art, sound, video!

Submissions guidelines can be found HERE or along the right margin of this very blog.

Remember to check out Issue 1 for a place to start thinking about our aesthetic.

The preparation of the Assignment #2 materials is taking a bit longer than calculated, but the new Great Constraint/Prompt/Spark will be up so, so soon.

Sneak Peek Screen Capture of Said Materials:

...We just want to point out that that shape is entirely comprised of words typed in 4 pt. Helvetica. That is not even the half of it. Literally. Literally, literally.

Sweetest wishes for this incipient turn of the Roman calendar.

In 2010 we continue to gallop toward the heart of your every artistic intent.

Thank you all.


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